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How did I not see this?

This looks really good. Especially those snowy mountains, very impressive!

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Hej @itchabop, your 8x8 tilesets look amazing, but the tiny fantasy and RTS look pretty similar and I can't decide which one to buy. Are both still updated? Will there be maybe a package with both in the future?

Hey Juumixx! Glad you like 'em. Yes, they share the same base when it comes to the tiles, tinyFantasy has a bit more variety with more treetypes and mountaintypes as well as a tileable waterfall. But the biggest difference is in the included sprites - with Tiny RTS you get unit sprites (wider set of animations) and buildings more geared towards an RTS and with TinyFantasy you get main character sprites instead as well as buildings more geared towards an RPG, like castles, towns, villages etc. But either set could be used for anything of course. Both are still updated, I don't think I'll package both together at any point, but I bundle my packs up at a discount quite often if you still feel that you have use for both.

Very good looking assets mate!

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

Hej fungerar denna i rpg maker mz? 

Hej! Inte säker, har ingen vidare koll på rpg maker - men om det stöder 8x8px tiles så borde det inte vara några problem.

hej tack att du svarade, de e for litet tror jag... men tack att du svarade!