Fantasy battle backgrounds is donezo!

Fantasy backdrops for JRPG-ish type games

I'm sure it can work for other genres too, that was just what I had in mind when I made it. 

This pack currently contains 5 backdrops, with a bit of animation or moving-parts to give them a bit of life. Biomes in the pack as of now: Forest, caves, plains, town/village and mountains. I don't know if there's much need for anything like this, this was just something I wanted to make anyway - but I hope there's some interest as I'd love to expand on it a bit and add more biomes.

Ideas for additional biomes: a swamp and some form of stone ruins area. If there's anything specific you'd like to see please let me know!

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Nov 01, 2022

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I suspect desert, coastal, tundra or river biomes would round this out well and cover most people's needs. 

Amazing work - you can tell there's been a lot of care and thought put into these beautiful backdrops.

EDIT: I just realized I meant to post this in the main page, whoops. 

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These are lovely! There aren't that many high quality pixel-art backgrounds for JRPGs in the market, I'm sure many people will find these useful for their projects.