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This asset pack contains 7 high quality pixelart backdrops, suitable for combat in an RPG for example. Most zones come with some form of animation or moving part to liven up the place, and the village & forest areas include night-time versions of all assets. The example character/monster sprites used in the screenshots are also included in this pack.

The resolution of all backdrops is 240x180 px. The lakeview zone comes in both 240x180 and 320x200 resolutions (I'm in the process of adapting all old backdrops to 320x200 as well).

Other asset-packs of mine that fit well with this one:




Each biome/area contains separated foreground, main scene and background/sky layers to enable having a moving mid-layer (clouds or mist). There's also a monster/encounter sprite included for each biome.


    A plains environment with a separate, tileable clouds sprite and an animated Foreground layer.
  • CAVE
    A cave interior with an animated waterfall.
    A forest backdrop with a separate mist sprite for background-animation & an animated foreground layer (see 1st screenshot).
    A mountain-path with two tiling, rolling-clouds sprites to be used in the background (front-clouds should pan faster and back-clouds slower). Also has an animated bramble-sprite and an animated foreground object.
    A town or village environment with animated water streams and animated chimney-smoke (See screenshot 3).
    Overgrown ruins / Courtyard.
    A rocky riverbed in front of a lake/sea, with a mountains in the background.


  • 1x static monster sprite: Treant
  • 1x static monster sprite: Slug
  • 1x static monster sprite: Orc
  • 1x static monster sprite: Fairy
  • 1x static NPC sprite: Merchant
  • 1x static monster sprite: Savage plant
  • 1x static monster sprite: Slugmancer


  • 1 x Bordered black box to use for UI as seen in sample screenshots. (This is meant to be 9-sliced.)

Feel free to request what other backgrounds/biomes you'd like to see added to this asset pack!


You may use this asset pack in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it after your own needs. You may not redistribute it or resell it.

Contact: anders.gullmarsvik@gmail.com

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GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Asset Pack, Backgrounds, Fantasy, JRPG, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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These are great, I'd love to see scifi theme!


These are really well done. I would love to see another pack with maybe some interior ruins...


Hey, Thanks! Ruins are in the works in the next update 

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Nice. Even though these are made for front-view battles, with some resizing and editing, they could fit in side-view battles too! I'll probably be picking this pack up sooner than later.


These look siiick!! As soon as I get paid I am buying this along with the monster pack. I can't wait to play with these assets, they are too good!!

Hey! Nice! Very happy to hear that! 


Very cool! Good job.