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Road to adventure is a 16x16px tileset ideal for creating an RPG.

How-to-use: The tileset is built on using at least two layers for the terrain - 1 base ground layer that typically consists of water and dirt terrain and then another layer that lies on top of that, with grass or sand etc, that's how transitions between materials are solved.


  • Tileset as a spritesheet in PNG format
  • An animated character
  • A sample Game Maker project showcasing the tileset and shows some autotile brushes etc

Terrain types (static):

  • Grass, bright grass & dark grass
  • Stone
  • Dirt
  • Desert & Beach
  • Water

Environmental tiles

  • Trees: Pines, birch and beech trees
  • Mountains set A
  • Mountains set B
  • Roads
  • Rivers
  • Bridge

Plus quite a few decoration tiles like smaller trees, rocks, crops, flowers etc.


  • Small village 
  • Town 
  • Castle
  • Mine
  • Cave
  • Torch (animated)
  • Ship (4 directions)

Character Sprites

  • Hero
    With animated idle, and walk left, up, right and down.


You also get a Game Maker project included, with the tileset already set up with a sample map, the character plus some auto-tile brushes. So that you can jump right in immediately and start testing things out.* 

"RPGGame" project notes:


  • ARROW KEYS to walk
  • SPACE toggle rain-intensity between 1-3 / OFF
  • TAB debug mode on/off.

*DISCLAIMER: This sample project is provided as is and does not come with support of any kind.


You may use this asset pack in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it after your own needs. You may not redistribute it,  resell it or use them in any printed media or physical products.

Contact: anders.gullmarsvik@gmail.com

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GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 16x16, Asset Pack, Fantasy, JRPG, RPG Maker, Tilemap, Tileset


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Question: How many colours are in use with this tileset?  


Please post a free version, many people will apprcite
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Love this. Any plans for underground/cave or perhaps dungeon tiles?


Thanks! Yea I plan to add some indoor cave tileset to complement this

(2 edits) (+4)

this is really great, is there any chance of a snow terrain/environment being added or animated water tiles?


Animated water, for sure! Snow terrain I would say is an easy add so that seems likely.


+1 for snow tiles! And maybe some rotten/cursed would be great. Love your art!

Additional +1 for snow tiles.


I really like this. I may change my current WIP to use these instead of what I was using. But I need some matching interiors: houses, dungeons/castles, and caves.


I proably should expand in that way, so that might be the next things to add - I'll definitely look into making some interiors.


Sounds great! Looking forward to more packs!


The level of quality in your asset packs is so insane. This is no exception. I'm going to give you a 5 star rating on a few packs. Keep up the great work, it is always a major inspiration.

Oh, thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words!