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Just a heads up, it looks like FaceButtonYellow.png and FaceButtonYellowDown.png are identical, while the other colored face buttons have distinct differences. Otherwise this UI kit has been great!

It looks like the ActionBarStart.png and ActionBarEnd.png are the same.  Should one of them have different highlighting?

Hi, just an update. The v06 zip does not have the dragon with the tongue or glowing eye. However, your art is phenomenal and I am utilizing it to the fullest for my GUI. Thank you so much for the excellent work, definitely worth the ten dollars.

Can you please upload the finished version of the Dragon featured on your page? :)

Note for anyone reading: Most of the tiles are base 16x16, with some elements being larger (as listed by the author). This works great for me, but may not be suited for your project :) - For anyone doing retro on the fence, this is a must-buy!

Hi Tony! Ah yea I see what you mean - I removed the eyes and tongue in the latest update. No worries, I've added them back so the old design is there as an alternate now. Just download v06 again and you'll have them.

Either I am blind, or the dragon featured in screenshot in this zip file is incomplete. Does not feature an option to add the tongue either 

Ah GMS2; I see you too are a person of culture :)

Just wanted to say how beautiful this UI set is. It is an area I don't have a lot of practice in so I'm always looking for great examples to learn from. Thanks for sharing this amazingness.


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I dislike the .tpsheet a great deal as there's nothing I use at all that uses this.
Unfortunately, most of this GUI is extremely low res.
Some of the basic stuff is still okay but honestly, this stuff looks like it was made for a 640x480 display.
If you're not using this in something like Unity with the 9-slice option in your GUI, you can pretty much count on needing to re-make a lot of the UI in Photoshop or something like that.
With how much 9-slice is needed, this should have been advertised as a Unity asset. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time creating 4x scale versions of these GUI frames.


May I get 1 sample to see if the pixel size fit my game?

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This is really great! 

Thanks! Appreciate it!

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gives me Amiga vibes, exactly what i was looking for :) Great UI Pack!


The best of vibes! Sweet, happy to hear that!


This is sorcery!

Appreciate it! :)


Beautiful pixel art UI design and style.

Thanks! Glad you like it!


Beautiful stuff!!! Seriously retro. It may not be interesting to you but what do you think of trying some wall panels like EYE OF THE BEHOLDER for a low res crawler?

Thanks! I'd love to make something like that as it's a niche I really like - not sure there'd be enough general interest for something like that though.

I'm not sure how many of us are there, but whenever you decide to make it, I'll buy it.