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TinyRTS is a low resolution tileset ideal for creating an RTS or RPG.

The primary design goals have been charm, speed and ease of use. 

The tile resolution is 8x8px making it extremely fast to create content for and expand on. Tile transitions are kept to a minimum, usually 1 tile per terrain-type, making it very easy to use as well as lending it a heavy retro aesthetic. 

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  • Tileset as a spritesheet in PNG format
  • Sample image showing possible use of the tiles.

Terrain types (static):

  • Grass & dry grass
  • Stone
  • Dirt
  • Desert & Beach
  • Water
  • Snow terrain

Environmental tiles

  • Trees: Pines, birch, snow-covered pines and dead trees
  • Mountains
  • Roads
  • Rivers (horizontal and vertical tiles are animated)
  • Waterfall (animated)
  • Bridge
  • Pits
  • Water (animated)

Plus quite a few decoration tiles like smaller trees, rocks, crops etc.

Town and interactables

Human faction:

  • Main town building / Town hall
  • Farm including optional farmland tiles
  • Barracks
  • Guard tower
  • Windmill (animated)

Orc faction:

  • Main town building / Town hall
  • Farm 
  • Barracks
  • Guard tower


  • Gold mine (animated)
  • Tower
  • Torch, two different versions (animated)
  • Cave
  • Camp

Unit sprites 

Each character spritesheet contains move animations in 3 directions (left, up, down), an idle animation, an attack animation and a death animation:

Human faction:

  • Peasant
    The chopping-wood animation doubles as attack animation.
  • Soldier

Orc faction:

  • Peon
    The chopping-wood animation doubles as attack animation.
  • Grunt


You may use this asset pack in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it after your own needs. You may not redistribute it or resell. Credit is not necessary but it's much appreciated.

Contact: anders@gullmarsvik.com

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GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Tags8-Bit, Asset Pack, Pixel Art, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I don't have enough money to buy this game :D


It's not a game...

Can I use this awesome name "Tiny RTS" as the name of game? I like it so much.


Go for it! 

Awesome! Thank you

Do you have a logo on transparent background. I removed pixels from this page logo but it looks not as good as it deserve.

Hmm... you said we can't use this in physical products, so dose that mean we can't print the game on physical media like DVDs or cartridge's?

No you totally can. That line really isn't applicable here, it just refers to merchandising.


I'm currently making a RTS with your assets and I can't find the animation that appear when peasant are chopping or when grunts and soldiers are hitting each other, is it a generic animation ?

Thank you btw, this art is amazing !

Hey! Glad you like it! No vfx is currently a part of the asset pack but I'll see if I can add that one.

hi there.

Can you build air unit , like griffin?

Amazing art ! What font do you use for "Puny humans vs. tiny Orcs" title ?

(1 edit)

It will be good to have some neutral creatures on map, for i.e. sheeps or birds


I agree, it's a good idea. I'll add it to the list!


This is amazing! So much detail in so few pixels. Now somebody just needs to remake Warcraft 1 with this.


a real diamond on itch.io, amazing art work using the limitations, undoubtedly worth the price.

Thanks so much, Anokolisa. Appreciate the kind words!

Look's nice well done!

Thank you!


OMG I love it! I'm getting serious WarCraft 1 nostalgia looking at this. I hope you continue to expand this out then I'll definitely purchase. Good job!


Hi, glad you like it. Yes, I'll keep adding to it for a while.

Will be good to have UI assets too

I've planned to make some UI assets as well.


Amazing! I will use it for WarCraft Demastered made in NES style

Sounds perfect!



Glad you like it! :) 


Wow that's some impressive and high-quality work!

Thanks John, appreciate it!


I love these, will you add more buildings and units?


Thanks! Yes, I've planned to add a couple of orc units next as well as some buildings. 


I hope someone makes a Warcraft I type of RTS from this. Thanks for the awesome pixel art ! 

Glad you like it! I hope so too! That would be awesome


wow...  this look really good. Remind me of Warcraft 1/2.

Did you get inspired from it ? Because the palette is kinda alike.

Yes, Warcraft was a big inspiration for sure.


Insane work for 8x8, lots of detail.

Thanks!! Always fun to work with low resolution stuff