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A dungeon tileset for platformers with that genuine 8-bit charm!

This is a platformer tileset for dungeon levels inspired by the old NES classics. The idea was to be able to create sprawling mazes with elevators connecting the different floors. It mimics the aesthetics of the NES and keeps the amount of tiles to a minimum to both make it easy to use and give it an authentic feel.

The tile resolution is 16x16px and it uses the NES palette. This tileset pairs well with the following asset packs: 


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  • Tileset as a spritesheet in PNG format
  • Animated sprites in separate spritesheets
  • Sample image showing possible use of the tiles.
  • A PNG showing palette setup including sub-palettes for both the tileset and the sprites (Useful if making a game for actual NES hardware).

Animated sprites: 

  • Plant (4 frames)
  • Gold and silver coins (8 frames)
  • Lantern (4 frames)
  • Skeleton 
    • Skeleteon sprite comes with an idle animation, a walk animation and an attack animation.
  • Spore-emitter enemy and more
  • Animated sludge-tile

Static sprites: 

  • Barrel 
  • Chest
  • Vase
  • UI: Crystal ball
  • UI: Lifebar


You may use this asset pack in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it after your own needs. You may not redistribute it, repackage or resell it. Credit is not necessary but much appreciated.

Contact: anders.gullmarsvik@gmail.com

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Tags8-Bit, dungeon, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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what a delight to look at!

This is really good

Do you do work to order?  I like your style

Just bought this badboy ! i love the style ! 

Is there any way that you can include the chest sprite separate of the Trapmoor placement and also maybe the particle effects coming off of the sludge?


Sure, I will add the chest as a separate sprite. And for the particle effects I assume you mean the splash from when the sludge hits the ground? If so, that should be fixable I'll look into it.

Awesome, yeah, if you're able to add the splash from the sludge (the one from falling) and maybe even the sludge pool (it currently has an animation, but I don't think it's the one shown on this site's gif, but I could be mistaken).

This pack is awesome! Is there any way that you can add more enemies by chance and possibly separate sword/item sprites?


Thanks! I'll probably add another enemy at least.

That would be super awesome! I'm currently using this pack for a project and it's been super useful.

Thanks for the update! Now get back to work! :D

You're welcome! Hah, ok will do :)

When can we expect move + attack animations? :)

Soonish! I might start looking at that this weekend actually

Sooooo cool! Awesome kind of art!

Thank you kindly!

Great job. This goes great with your other pack. When I get home, you got my money :)

Thanks so much! Appreciate it

You did a great job at creating a top level tileset. Looks outstanding!

Thanks! Glad you like it